What can you expect from your collaboration with 360Performance?

To start with, transparency and joint responsibility. Your IT-problems are our challenges, even after solving them, we will provide guidelines and keep advising you on how to stay on course. We will make sure you will be able to excel on pole position.

  • After creating a draft of the problems we will determine if the pain is really IT-related.

  • In this case our tooling will be installed, we will analyse the cause of the problems and which sentiments should be taken into account within two days, for developing a solution. Goal: distinguish between main and side issues, look for causes instead of symptoms.

  • We will create a tailor-made report with issues, conclusions and recommendations.

  • Together we will determine what the next steps will be.

  • During the implementation we will help to provide direction on the advice, while doing so we will involve several stakeholders within your organisation.

  • The solution is implemented and is sustainable, the new way of working and implementation will be clear for all of those involved.

  • We will keep helping you achieve your own experience with APM. This is important and will help make your organization Performance-aware.