Performance Intervention is the Batman call to 360Performance from organisations who experience urgent application performance trouble and they want to solve the performance issues fast. Instead of starting with performance tests to reproduce the performance problem, we start with diagnosing the performance issues to gain insights and grip about the context and conditions under which the performance issues occur. We are able to do diagnoses quickly, and that saves a lot of time and money.

Performance issues occur in rather large and complex value chains, a chain that consists of many components which interacts with each other to provide the end user functionality. Most of the time, there are more factors that leads to the performance issues. In-depth technology knowledge and experience is required, which is not embodied in only one person.

‘Team 6’

Performance Intervention is executed by ‘Team 6’, a renowned team of specialists who knows how to play the game.

‘Team 6’ is a cluster of execution power that is required to diagnose performance issues  to the bare bone. The Performance Orchestrator is the Master Chief of this team. He is end responsible and the SPOC to the customer and its organisation. He leads ‘Team 6’ and together they deploy tand effectuate the strategy to follow how to diagnose the problems.

The different roles know the concept of the applied technology, understands where to look for, are quickly able to estimate the current tooling on customer premises on their added value if it can help or not, etc. Because of their experience and tight collaboration, the team velocity is high, the action radius is big which results in a high action and pragmatic driven team that communicaties with all levels of the customer organisation (C-levels)

‘Team 6’ uses advanced diagnostic tooling like dynaTrace. The diagnostic tooling acts like a continuous röntgen film, it observes every single end user session across the value chain in real-time. There is no sampling, no wild guessing.

  • Performance Test Consultant
  • Performance Architect
  • Performance Engineer
  • Integration Architect
  • Functional Consultant

Result of the Performance Intervention service

The result of Performance Intervention is that the cause of the performance problem is detected, that the context is clear to all involved disciplines why the performance problem occurs. After detection Team 6 helps the involved customer disciplines to validate the solution to the problem. A final end report will be provided and presented to the stake-holders that contains advices for the customer to prevent performance issues in the future. After transferring the results ‘Team 6’ will redraw from customer premises. If the customer asks to stay longer to guide the organisation, a transition will be done between ‘Team 6’ and the intermediate team to safeguard the knowledge and experiences.


The Performance Intervention service can be offered in different ways:

  • Based on time-and-material
  • Fixed price
  • Ticket strips (each strip represents an amount of one working day, is bought by the customer upfront, and guarantees the involvement of the consultants without doing the administrative paper work first)

The customer gets one bill, and one Single Point of Contact.