Performance Orchestrator

The Performance Orchestrator is the core role of Application Performance Management. This role requires to have both a helicopter view but also in in-depth view on all kind of APM-matters (process, organisation, people, tooling), that reaches every single corner and all organisation tiers, roles and departments (like business, marketing, risk, procurement, process, functional, technical, [program|project] management, enterprise architects) of the customer organisation (strategic, tactical, and operational).

The Performance Orchestrator is busy to do marketing of the APM initiative, claims each individual APM success by using all kind of media, searches for commitment to enable the added value (ROI) and APM utilisation with the customer organisation. The role acts as the lever to break through the silo way of working and thinking, which still exists in the DevOPS and Agile approach nowadays.

The Performance Orchestrator can work independently and/or in close collaboration with the customer’s team or 360Performance ‘Team 6’. ‘Team 6’ contains multiple disciplines of highly experienced people in the field of APM and applied technologies.

Background and experience

The Performance Orchestrator is the most experienced APM-role in the APM-field on a lot of matters. This role has a large track record, several tour of duties accomplished with success under heavy circus stances, acted in several roles like performance [test consultant|engineer|architect|technical account manager|(pre)-sales|vendor mgr] to gain the required experiences and the skills.

This role knows what the life-line is to APM success. The Added Value of the Performance Orchestrator will come to its full glory when getting grip and control on value chains. The Performance Orchestrator is not a Test Coordinator. Performance test are an important, but small task in the APM-field. The Performance Orchestrator acts according to several principles like the “First Time Fit approach”, “Don’t assume” where “Garbage in, is Garbage out” is not accepted. It requires a 24/7 mentality, you have to breath APM, because it is a craftsmanship.

Value Chain

The Performance Orchestrator’s DNA breathes the value chain and the end user experience. Most of the time the end user experience and the value chain escapes from the customer organisational attention. What is actually a value chain? Beyond providing the application functionality to the end user, a lot of components are required together to provide the value chain to the customer. These components acts in close harmony to provide the required performance and thus end user experience. Every chain must perform conform agreed performance service levels, but it is still no guarantee that the complete value chain performance conform the chain performance service levels. And that’s where the added value of the Performance Orchestrator will come to its full glory.